Terms and Conditions 

Cancellation -

If suspicious activity is identified by kenrock.in reserves the right of cancelling all the past as well as pending orders and block the user from the future association without any liability. kenrock.in can cancel orders during circumstances like imprecision pricing of product or unavailability stock. The company will require additional information and will verify it before confirming the order. We can contact you in case your order is cancelled by some reason or additional information is required to place your order. If your order is cancelled by any chance after payment then it will be refunded in your synced bank account with 5 to 7-working days. Please note that any special offers availed will not in refunded in case of cancellation. If fraud is identified by kenrock.in then it has all the right to inform the law enforcement officials and provide them with all transaction details that may be requested for investigation of any illegal activity. Any perks earned thorough reference or loyalty schemes will be relinquished immediately.  

Frauds will be considered under the following scenarios

  1. User does not reply to the verification male.
  2. Users are unable to provide adequate documents during the verification process. 
  3. Misuse of other’s contact details.
  4. Use of invalid contact details.
  5. Overuse of promotional codes/offers.
  6. Use of a wrong voucher that is not valid for the user’s email. 
  7. Return of wrong product.
  8. Refusal to pay for an order.
  9. Users get included in snatch and run case.  

Consider loss under the following circumstances 

  1. Invalid/incomplete address
  2. Repeated requests for refunds for trivial issues.

Cases of Bulk Orders 

We can cancel orders that fall in the bulk order category if it falls into falling criteria. 

  1. Products orders for commercial purposes
  2. Multiple orders are placed at a similar address
  3. Ordered the same product in bulk quantity
  4. Invalid address
  5. Malpractice while placing the orders is identified



The user hereby indemnifies and considers that Kenrock is a harmless entity and it's director's, employees, vendors, agents, contractors, officers are indemnified from and against any and all losses, claims, suits, liabilities, proceedings, interests, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses, demands, disbursements, and statutory fees affirmed against them under the following circumstances like users breach the terms, claims asserted by a third party regarding a user’s use of website, any kind of information causes issues to a third party, violation of right by a user. 

Knerock.in will notify the user if such a situation occurs and he /she would be responsible to indemnify the website. 

The user shall be intransigent regarding any claim or liability by the website unless written consent is presented that will be either withheld or denied by the website. As per these terms, the entire liability of the website towards the users will not be greater than Indian Rupees One Hundred (INR 100). If any amount is paid by the user to the website then the liabilities relate to the cause of action for that particular order. According to the terms of the website, as well as all the people associated with Kenrock is not liable for user's special, indirect, consequential damages, even it causes losses of profits, data, or use; whether or not Website has been warned about the possibility of these damages based on any liability, breach, claim arising because of User’s use or access to the website plus the product. 


Feedback and Information

  1. Any kind of information about the user or feedback concerning any product or regarding the website shall be considered as non-confidential. 
  2. The website has the right to use such information including pictures with a purpose to enhance the website and shall be unrestricted. 
  3. The website may make some changes in website, contracts or products based on this information and feedback.
  4. In case of any modification on the basis of these feedbacks and information the user would be entitled to it.
  5. If any feedback is submitted it is considered that the information provided is not confidential or proprietary and will not be entitled to any compensation or reimbursement from the website.   


Application Laws and Regulations 

These terms will be governed according to the regulation and laws of India under the jurisdiction of Pune's court if such matters arise.