Get to Know the Benefits and Uses of USB Cables


The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is one of the most useful and greatest innovations of technology. Without the USB cables, users will not be able to compile, store, share or access information. It is the standard connection interface used to connect to computers, mobiles, and other electronic devices. Along with transferring and accessing the data, it can also supply power in case you need to charge the devices.   

The different advancements by the upcoming brands introduced many different types of USB cables having different capabilities and functions. These cables have different kinds of the speed of transferring data or charging the devices. You can differentiate between the cables from the various types of pins. These pins are compatible with different devices depending on the brand and models.    

A good quality USB Cable can transfer 12mb data per second. Just connect the devices and with few clicks you can easily transfer multiple files. The transferring time depends on the capability of the cable, size of the files, and speed of the computer. These cables are also use to connect the printers and scanners with computer to scan or print a document. 


Uses and Benefits of USB Cables 

  • Helps you transfer data quickly and easily from one device to another
  • Charge electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • It enables data sharing without internet 
  • Transferring files using USB cables also reduces the chances of data fluctuation


Types of USB Cables

  • Type-A: The standard flat pin with a rectangular interface, which connects to the consoles of every adaptor.  
  • Type-B: This one is square in shape and a little less popular than the Type-A, usually found to connect the routers, and printers. 
  • Mini USB: This is a standard pin and was popular before micro USBs came into the market. It is still commonly used to connect cameras, gaming consoles, MP3 players, etc. 
  • Micro USB: The most common type used nowadays for connecting the mobile devices. It is combination of Type-A and Type-B. 
  • Type-C: This type of pin is recently gaining popularity as many big brands are using it for mobile cables. It is thinner than the Type-A and Type-B and it can be connected to IoS products as well. 
  • Lightning Cable: This types may not fall into the batch of standard USB cables as it is exclusively introduced by Apple. It is compatible with only Apple products such as iPhones, iPods, etc.  


Speed Standards in USB Cables 

  • USB 1.x: This speed standard is long gone because brands do not use it anymore, but it was the original standard in the recent past.  
  • USB 2.0: It is one of the slowest speeds of USB used today but still used in cheap extension drives, keyboards, mouse, etc.
  • USB 3.x: It is the current standard speed, which is faster than the USB 2.0 and used in all kinds of latest electronic devices 


We all have a rushed life and the only thing help us stay connected to our loved ones is the internet and our phones. Hence, it is really important that our mobiles are charged all the time. Today, millennia’s one stop solution for their charging needs is the Kenrock’s MFI cable. The company has made this lightening cable exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


Main Features and Uses of Kenrock’s USB Cable

  • It is compatible with all Apple products
  • The MFI cables are really durable
  • It has an excellent bend lifespan. Plus it’s braiding lasts five times longer than a usual cable
  • The cable is extra tough and strong and hence, the cable work 5 times longer than a regular wire
  • The Kenrock’s cable has one of the fastest charging speed i.e. 1.5X
  • The cable provides safe charging with 8 pin terminal head
  • It comes with one year warranty covered with manufacturing defects



Nowadays electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets plays important role in our day to day activity, be it professional or personal.  Therefore it is important for us to equip it with efficient and durable USB cables. One of the best USB cables in the market are Kenrock’s USB cables which are multifunctional and durable.