The power banks have only sprung to popularity recently but for all the good reasons. All our activities are carried out on a mobile phone or a tablet. It has become an essential commodity for all purposes. Whether you are working, sitting idle or even traveling, You use these electronic items for various purposes. Along with mobile phones and tablets, another important thing to carry these days is a power bank. Imagine you are aboard a train and your mobile’s battery about to die; a power bank always comes handy during such circumstances. As everything is digitalizing, you access maps, guides, and navigation boards through your phones. Plus you cannot keep searching sockets everywhere you go; therefore, it’s always wise to carry a power bank with you. Well, e-books and e-guides are certainly lighter than the physical ones. This even helps you travel light and makes your journey easy. The best travel mate is newly launched Kenrock’s Power Bank which is really lightweight and has a slick design. Not only that but it even lasts longer and charges multiple devices at a time. All these features make it the best choice to carry while the long trips, flights, or journeys.

Reasons Why You Should Carry Kenrock’s Power Bank While Travelling

Long Battery Life for Long Rides

Whether you are hiking, on a road trip, or a long journey you need your phone any time of the day. Keeping a power bank handy will help you charge your phone anytime, anywhere. So that you can perform tasks like using GPS, figuring which restaurants and hotels to book, and even searching for a commute on your way.

Compatible with All Kinds of Port

Do you have an iPhone and your friends an android? No worries as Kenrock’s power bank come with all the three pins and therefore, it is compatible with all kinds of phones, iPad, tablets, etc. Equipped with Dual Output Ports The Kenrock’s power bank is capable of power two devices at a time as it comes with the dual input ports. The two inputs are capable of power android, IoS, and C-Type mobile phones; along with this, it has a stable as well as fast power.(output).

Easy Portability

Some devices are as heavy as a brick, but Kenrock’s power bank weighs only 220g this makes it easier for carrying anytime, anywhere. It has almost a similar weight to a soap bar or a toothpaste tube. So, you can just slip the light-weighted and thin power bank it into the pocket and you are good to go!


Kenrock’s power bank is really affordable option in today’s competitive market. It also comes with a secured leather case which makes a win-win deal for the customers.


Kenrock has been providing its services for the last 10 years and has goodwill throughout the State of Maharashtra. They have almost 100% satisfied customers and that why you can choose Kenrock’s power bank. Kenrock follows the principle of mutual benefits and hence, the company has been able to maintain a long-lasting relationship with its consumers as well as retail partners. Their power banks and USB cable are highly preferred in the market due to its quality and price.