Features of Kenrock’s Powerbank


With the advent of technology, our communication has become really versatile with calls, SMS, chats, e-mails, etc. These smartphones and other devices enabling communication needs to have the power to last longer. Normally, these devices need back up power which can be supplied by power banks. The need for power banks increased with the ever-growing use of battery-powered devices. These portable chargers are really effective and only needs a USB interface to charge. There are many power banks having different configurations, technology, and designs, available in the market.  

Types of Power Banks

  • Universal Power Bank: They are the most commonly available in the market, and comes in different sizes and specifications. These devices can be tailor-made as per the customer’s demands and budget. 
  • Wireless Power Bank: They are the latest innovations in power banks, which do not need a USB interface to charge other devices. 
  • Solar Power Bank: These power banks are featured with photovoltaic panels that enables charging through sunlight. However, it’s charging time is really slow because the solar cells are relatively small and thus takes time to supply power.     


Power banks come in various shapes sizes, capacities, etc. Since there are several options in the market, people usually end up buying a power bank with the wrong features. Not every power bank suits every device. There are many things/ specifications that need to be considered. The power bank that you are choosing should be based on its voltage potential, portability, capacity, number of output as well as input ports, etc.    

The ideal kind of power bank is always compatible with your device, is small in size, and has enough potential and proper voltage capacities. So that you can carry it everywhere and fulfill your charging needs whenever required. Considering all the specifications the best power bank in the market is the Kenrock’s power bank. 

Let’s see the Salient Features of Kenrock’s Power Bank -

Good Battery Life 

Whether you need a back-up during a get away or you need to keep your device’s battery running for all your lined meetings. Kenrock’s power bank will always accompany you efficiently. So that you can keep all your tasks as per the schedule. 


Compatible with All Kinds of Pins 

Kenrock’s power banks are equipped with 3 pins viz. IoS, Android, and C-type and hence, it is capable of charging all kinds of devices. Whether you own an iPhone, any other android phone, or both; Kenrock has taken care of all your charging needs. 


Powered With Dual Output Ports 

The number of output ports in a power bank is an important deciding factor of its capacity. If you have to charge two devices simultaneously, Kenrock’s power bank is capable of that too. In addition it has the most stable charging as it is equipped with a Li-polymer battery.


Convenient Portability 

The Kenrock’s power bank weighs only 220gms, which is as good as carrying a soap bar. Another added feature is its compact, stylish and a pocket-sized design. Therefore, it is easy for the users to carry it everywhere plus it does not consume a lot of space.   



As compared to other option, Kenrock offers all the latest features, great performance, and stylish looks at a very pocket-friendly cost. They also provide security by giving a lather case with the power banks. 



Kenrock’s power bank is designed with mixed elements and a stance befitting - Cost, Quality, and Time.