E-Waste Management – The Importance of Recycling E-Waste


The concept of recycling is the talk of the hour in the whole world due to prevailing pollution and increasing amount of waste. There is a significant awareness about plastic waste and how is it polluting the ocean. However, there is really less recognition of the problem of e-waste management and recycling. This problem is potentially rising due to increasing popularity of the use of electronic items especially mobile phones and laptops. Considering environmental concerns it’s high time that recycling e-waste gets prominence.

E-Waste stands for Electronic Waste and it is basically the commercially produced and used electronic devices that cannot be further utilised. It not only encompasses the end product but also the small unit employed to manufacture it. The maximum amount of E-waste is not recycled or reused but dumped into the landfills.  

According to the World Economic Forum January 2019 report, E-waste is the fastest growing waste in the world and assumed that 48.5 million tonnes of waste were streamed in 2018. It is also estimated that nearly 75% of the old electronics are stored in households because of the less or none recycling options.


Reasons Why E-Waste Management Is Important 

Acts as a Source of Raw Materials

It is observed that globally only 10-15% of raw material is extracted from the e-waste successfully, rest is lost. It was recently revealed by the United Nations that e-waste contains 40 to 50 time’s richer ores to that of earth. 


Handling Toxic Components

The dumped electronic items produce toxic and inimical materials like cadmium, beryllium, lead, and mercury that is harmful in many ways like chemical inflammation.


Find Proper Measures for Solid Waste Management 

Due to the boom in the electronic industry and growing digital native generation has not only escalated the use of devices but also increased the amount of solid waste. As compared to its quantity the solid waste management system should be enhanced and new techniques of recycling should be introduced.



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