Best features to look for in portable power bank for an Android mobile

Android is a mobile operating system available in most of the cell phone brands. The cell phones are devices we usually carry while travelling outdoors. The versatile Android OS gives us the feature to undertake numerous task such as reading email, watching TV shows and play an endless selection of games right at the palm of your hands.

A major drawback of these devices is that they quickly run out of power leading to massive inconveniences.

Portable chargers also known as power bank removes such inconveniences by recharging your mobile device anywhere at any time without the need of a charging point. Finding a perfect power bank for your device can be a difficult task allocated to various sizes, technology, capacity and prices.

Here is a list of features you must check before buying a power bank:


The capacity of a power bank is the most important specification to consider while choosing one for your cell phone. It is measured in milliampere-hours(mAh) as the phone battery. For example, your phone battery is 3,000 mAh, a 3,000 mAh power bank is able to recharge in one go fully. But this is not usually the case since some power is lost due to conversion, circuit resistance and the quality of the charging cable. If you have multiple devices including smartphone, tablet, music device among others, you should look for a power bank with a higher capacity preferably 20,000 mAh to effectively recharge all your devices. Higher capacity is directly proportional an increase in size, weight and overall price.


A portable charger with higher capacity may take a longer time to charge fully. A capacity of 20,000mAh would recharge overnight to full capacity. The input current determines the time taken to recharge a power bank. The current ranges between 0.8A to 1.5A, with the higher capacity having the larger input current. If you don’t want to spend time recharging the portable power bank, go for a higher input current.


The number of ports in the power bank is a considerable point while looking for a suitable power bank. Since most of us have more than one device to charge, a charging device with multiple ports is a better choice. High capacity power banks have more than two USB charging ports to recharge multiple devices at the same time. An essential tip while looking for power banks with over two ports is to establish the total output current. For instance, a power bank with two ports rated 2A/5V means that each port receives 1.5A when they are both connected to devices. It means a slow charging rate when all ports are connected. Other power banks have a total output of 4A meaning that they have faster charging rate in all the ports. Therefore, one should look for a portable charger with over two charging ports and with a high total output if you have multiple numbers of devices you would want to charge at the same time.


The various aspects of a charger decide its price; however, the vital characteristic of portable charger is its quality over price. A poor-quality power bank can come at a lower price, though it can be extremely dangerous as the batteries can explode leading to fatal consequences as with some reported cases of explosions. It happens because the low cost eliminates the safety measure mechanism such as temperature control mechanism, overcharging and short circuit prevention mechanism. One must buy power bank from brands or reputable vendors as they assure quality and safety. Consider high-quality portable chargers as they are safe and durable despite being high priced.


Portable chargers are available with various specification. While choosing the right power bank for your android mobile phone, the factors including capacity, input current, number of ports and the overall quality are the key aspects. Kenrock has a variety of high-quality power bank for your cellphone. Check our collection here.